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Colorado Online Driver Education

About our Online Driver Ed Course

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  • Fully Approved by Colorado Department of Revenue
  • Over 3 hours of video content
  • Loaded with up to date animations
  • Live instructor
  • Great customer service
  • Indepth course

As one of the leaders in the online driver education, let us put our vast knowledge to work for you.

  • TopCop's on line Program has met and exceeded the Colorado DOR requirements to become a Colorado approved online driver education course provider.
  • Our program will help you meet the Graduate Driver License (GDL) requirement in Colorado.
  • Our goal is to help you learn to  become a safe and responsible drive.

Our online driver education program is equivalent to taking a driver education course with a traditional "brick and mortar" driving school. You may take our online driver education course at anytime from anywhere you have Internet access. The course must be completed within 6 months of starting.

You also have access to an online instructor to answer any of your driver education questions. They are available through email and live chat.

You have the option to purchase the textbook narrative for $9.95.  This option will read the text to the student. We recommond this for teenage students!

There is a $25.00 fee to take the permit test with TopCops!  Call us at 720.261.8591 to let us know  you have an online student and want them to take the permit test with us on one of our schedueld dates. The schedule for test dates and times is on our website under the resources tab. If you are not taking the permit test with us the Classroom Completion Affidavit (must have this to take test with DMV) will be emailed to primary parents email address (3 business days)  per your request.

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About Our Online Premier Package

On-line Drivers Ed Premier Package ($585.00 total):  

  • Our on line drivers ed package includes the Online 30 Hour Classroom program,  the written permit test (there is a list of permit test dates and times on our site under the resources tab), six hours Behind-the-Wheel training and the Drive Test.

    This program meets the minimum State requirements in Colorado for the 30 Hour Class and 6 Hours BTW.

    The Online 30 Hour Classroom offers flexibilty and convenience. Your student will have comprehensive instruction that covers SIPE, defensive driving, traffic laws, controlling a car, zone of control, space cushion management, the SMOG technique, adverse conditions and emergencies, alcohol and drugs, responsibilities of operating a car, basic car maintenance and more.

    Our focus is on building their confidence through a positive approach to the responsibility of driving.

    Three two-hour Behind-the-Wheel lessons are completed in a TopCops vehicle after the student has his/her permit and are ALWAYS private one-on-one sessions  Driving instructors are Police Officers.  Instruction includes: 1-Car Control and Road Management, 2-Risk Management and 3-Advanced Safe Decision Making.  

    When the student has held their permit for one year you can schedule their Driver's License Test with us at your convenience. 

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Your registration information must be completed accurately. The 30 hour driver education course you are registering for is approved by the Colorado Dept. of Revenue (DOR), Driver Education Compliance. Upon completing this course, you will receive from us the "Affidavit of Completion" by the authority of the Colorado DOR. This form will be mailed to you per your emailed request. You also have the option to take the permit test wih us for a fee of $25. You will then be able to reigster to complete your required drives with TopCops Driving School for the completion of the 6-hour drives (behind-the-wheel) training to complete the driver education requirement. 

Very Important!! Since the Affidavit of Completion is only good for 6 months, we recommend finishing this as close to your 15th birthdate as possible to allow the most time afterwards to get your permit. Good luck in the course and thank you for choosing us!

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$585.00 includes:

On-line classroom package

Written permit test

Two- 3 hour drives

Drive test

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Registered Students INFO: 

For Technical Supppot you can reach Costech M-F from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. or email them below.


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