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TopCops Classroom Training

Please Follow DMV Pre-Registration steps on the link below. This is MANDATORY and needs to be completed prior to Day 1 of class.

Please follow This Link and print the form. Then visit  http://mydmv.colorado.gov/_which is the DMV Pre-Registration Website and follow directions on printed page to register your student for an instructional permit. Once done please fill out the DMV Confirmation Code assigned to your student on the printed form to turn in at the door upon check in. You can also find both forms on our website under the "Resources" tab if you are having trouble accessing the links here. DMV mandates you do this before the class!! This is ONLINE ACTION only, you will not visit DMV location until your student is completed 30-hour class and permit test.

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  • Topcops will refund money for services not rendered minus a $75.00 processing fee, however, once you begin the service, such as attending one classroom portion or one behind the wheel session, we will not offer a refund for sessions not completed. TopCops schedules officers in advance to be off-duty to provide these services, therefore we expect that you will follow through with the scheduled training. If you purchased a premier package and cannot complete all of the steps, the remainder will be forfeited. NO refunds after three months. BTW Services must be started within three months of permit issue, or within 3 months of BTW or BTW + Drive Test Package registration date. No more than 8 weeks should pass between first and second BTW. No refunds if we can provide the service and it just does not work for your schedule.