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TopCops Classroom Training

TopCops Driving School has developed a partnership with the Boulder Valley School District.

TopCops has a partnership to provide Driver Education through the Boulder Valley School District a for young drivers in many north metro communities. Click on our Resources link above to check these schools and recreation facilities to find a TopCops class that work for your new driver!

If you or someone you know has a teen who is ready to learn how to drive, look no further than TopCops Driving School for a unique and comprehensive driver's education experience. Call the office to check about upcomimg drive availability dates.

Click here to Register online at BVSD : Use Lifelong Learning link at bottom of page.

Call 720-561-5968 or email lifelong.learning@bvsd.org.

Select Your School or Location

  • Topcops will refund money for services not rendered minus a $75.00 processing fee, however, once you begin the service, such as attending one classroom portion or one behind the wheel session, we will not offer a refund for sessions not completed. TopCops schedules officers in advance to be off-duty to provide these services, therefore we expect that you will follow through with the scheduled training. If you purchased a premier package and cannot complete all of the steps, the remainder will be forfeited.  NO refunds after three months. BTW Services must be utilized within three months of payment after that refund is not applicable.  No refunds if we can provide the service and it just does not work for your schedule.