Defensive Driving Course

Defensive driving instruction is intended for newly licensed drivers and those feeling unsure about their driving abilities in heavy traffic, during bad weather, or snow and icy conditions.

Our Defensive Driving Instruction offers a tremendous value and potentially life-saving training experience. In their own vehicles, students will work one-on-one with one of our Police Officer Driving Instructors to practice maneuvers that can't be taught during the behind-the-wheel lessons.

To take this course, the student must have a valid driver's license and a vehicle for the Defensive Drive. For more information on our Defensive Driving Instruction course, please check out our FAQ's.

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  • Defensive Driving Instruction

    Includes the 2-Hour Defensive Driving Course Only - A driver's license is required.

    • 2-Hour Defensive Driving Course (takes place in the student's vehicle)