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Parent Resources


DMV Pre-Registration Link- MANDITORY

Please Follow DMV Pre-Registration steps on the link. This is MANDATORY and needs to be completed prior to Day 1 of class.

Please follow This Link and print the form. Then visit  http://mydmv.colorado.gov/_/ which is the DMV Pre-Registration Website and follow directions on printed page to register your student for an instructional permit. Once done please fill out the DMV Confirmation Code assigned to your student on the printed form to turn in at the door upon check in. Colorado State DMV mandates you do this before the class!! This is ONLINE ACTION only, you will not visit DMV location until your student is completed 30-hour class and permit test.

Helpful Links

Click here to log into your Online Driver Ed Course student account.

ONLINE STUDENTS- Click link above to access your On-Line Drivers Education course with Costech


Car Wash Express

Topcop cars are washed and cleaned at the Broomfield Car Wash Express! Thank you for your partnership Car Wash Express!

BVSD LLL Catalog for Teens Summer 2018

BVSD's Life Long Learning Department provides many options for teens.  Please click the link to see all the Summer Learning oportunites. 

Practice DMV test

Use this link to take parctice test for the DMV permit test. 

Parent Orientation Power Point

If you miss the Parent Orientation on the first day of class, please take a few minutes to review this presentation. 

Talk to your Teens About the "5 to Drive"

Talk to Your Teen About the "5 to Drive"

The "5 to Drive" campaign highlights the five necessary rules that teen drivers need to follow to stay safe behind the wheel. These rules address the greatest dangers for teen drivers: alcohol, texting, seat belts, speeding, and extra passengers.

Colorado Driving Handbook

We urge all of our students to download and study the Colorado Driver Handbook to hlep them pass the written permit test.

Take the Toyota Parent/Student Safety Quiz

Parent Resources

Colorado Teen Driving Alliance

Upcoming BTW Drive Reminder

Your student has an upcoming drive. Please review the Upcoming BTW Drive Reminder and the required items needed before your students scheduled upcoming drives. It is your responsibility to come prepared with necessary items to the Drive Instruction. Action Required!

2019/2020 Classroom Schedule

2019/2020 Permit Test Schedule

Parent Driving Handbook

This handbook contains lessons plans and check lists for parents to use to guide driving time with teens. Important Colorado laws are also in this handbook.  We hope to minimize parent/teen conflict while learning to drive with this handbook! 

Driver License Locations

Printable Forms

TopCops BTW Information Flyer

DMV Student Information Sheet- Classroom

This form is needed by day 1 of class upon check in at the door. TopCops can not enter students into the DMV database without the code required by the DMV. Follow instructions on the form once you print it out. 

Student Drive Contract - Mandatory for BTW

This student driver contract is manditory for the BTW training along with their permit and proof of insurance.(Teen drivers with permits are driving under the umbrella of your insurance.  They cannot be named in your policy until they are 16 with a driver's license.  A copy of your current insurance will work for proof of insurance.) Please bring these three items to the first drive.  Without them, we will have to cancel the drive and the fee for re-scheduling is $90.00.  

Parent/Teen Contract

Student Log for Parents

Course Outline

First Gear Driving Academy

A locally owned defensive driving school that uses innovative skid techniques to improve each driver’s safety year round! This course should be taken after the student has received their Driver’s License….

303-249-1841 | michalkow.mike@gmail.com


YMCA of Boulder, CO

View their website.

Colorado DOT

View their website.
Learn more about teen driving.

Jim Plane - State Farm Agent

1319 W Baseline Rd.
Ste 201B Lafayette, CO 80026
Bus 720.890.5916
Fax 720.890.5912
View his website.

  • Topcops will refund money for services not rendered minus a $75.00 processing fee, (The Online Classroom Premier Package Registrants will get refund of money for services not rendered minus a $100 processing fee). However, once you begin the service, such as attending one classroom portion, complete 8 hours of online classroom or complete one behind the wheel session, we will not offer a refund for sessions not completed. TopCops schedules officers in advance to be off-duty to provide these services, therefore we expect that you will follow through with the scheduled training. If you purchase a premium package and cannot complete all of the steps, the remainder will be forfeited.  NO refunds after three months. No refunds if we can provide the service and it just does not work for your schedule.