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TopCop FAQs

What age can my teen start a driver education program?

Teens can start the 30 hours of course work through TopCops at 14 years 6 months of age.  To take the written examination, students must be within 30 days of their 15th birthday.  At TopCops we will allow your student to come back and take the written exam when they meet the criteria of 30 days before their 15th birthday. The completion certificate is now valid for 180 days, so it must be taken to the DMV within that 180 day window. We offer 12 sessions per semester to meet any teen's demanding schedule.  We understand flexibility for families!

How do I access my student account with the new on-line scheduling system?

Attention Existing TopCops Students:

If you previously purchased a 6 hour BTW drive package from TopCops, we have created an on-line account for you with our new scheduling system.  Please follow the instructions below to access your account:

1. Please log in  www.topcopsdrivingschool.com 

2.  In the upper right hand corner log into your account.

3.  Username:  student's- firstname.lastname

Password:  your email address

Please remember to accept the email and text reminders!  This will send reminders directly to your phone and email accounts. 

If you have any questions, please contact us at:  topcopsds@gmail.com or 720.261.8591.

Thank you for choosing TopCops Driving School.

Do I need to schedule a time for my teen to take the permit test?

You will need to schedule your student for a permit test with TopCops. The schedule will be emailed to secured students who have registered for the classroom or course and once student is completed with the 30 Hour Classroom or Course.

The permit test must be taken in person.  This is the only written test your student will take in the GDL process.  The written test is valid for 180 days (6 months) from date of the test.

Once your student is done with their permit test they will need to go to any state DMV Location to obtain their permit.  You will need to make an appointment to do this.  Visit their website at  http://mydmv.colorado.gov/_/ you will highlight the "Driver/ID Services" section, then scroll down center to "Schedule an appointment", then select "First Time CO DL/ID/Permit" select an appointment date that is at least 24 HOURS AFTER your permit test date and once student is 15 years of age or older. Students must be at least 15 years of age to obtain a permit.  The DMV releases their schedules months ahead of ours! Sign up on the DMV site for a date to take your student in to obtain their permit at any state location NOW!!!!

The DMV is giving the permit test as well!  Since you have to make an appointment to get your permit anyway, you can make an appointment for the "written test" and take the test and obtain a permit at the DMV. Students must be 15 to obtain a permit on the same date as the written test at any DMV location in the state. Log onto their site "mydmv.colorado.gov", highlight the "Drive ID/Services", scroll down to center under hearing and appointments and select "make an appointment", then select "written test" then select any location in the state of Colorado and find a date and time.

What are the steps involved in my teen getting their drivers license?

  • Take the 30 hours of class room work with TopCops.
  • Take the written exam and pass (offered as part of the 30 hour course work)
  • Go to the DMV and get their instruction permit once your teen turns 15 yrs.
  • Take the 6 hours of behind the wheel training with a TopCops Police Officer within the first 6 months of holding the permit. 
  • Drive with a parent or guardian for a year and log 50 hours of behind the wheel driving over a 12 month period with permit.  All teens must hold permit for 365 days.
  • Take the DMV driver's exam with a TopCops instructor.
  • Go to DMV and apply for your restricted license at 16.

Does TopCops have a refund policy?

  • Topcops will refund money for services not rendered minus a $75.00 processing fee, (The Online Classroom Premier Package Registrants will get a refund of money for services not rendered minus a $100 processing fee). However, once you begin the service, such as attending one classroom portion, complete 8 hours of online classroom or complete one behind the wheel session, we will not offer a refund for sessions not completed. TopCops schedules officers in advance to be off-duty to provide these services, therefore we expect that you will follow through with the scheduled training. If you purchase a premium package and cannot complete all of the steps, the remainder will be forfeited. NO refunds after three months. No refunds if we can provide the service and it just does not work for your schedule. Drive Tests are Non-Refundable!

Is it true TopCops has partnered with many metro-area schools and rec centers to offer teens the 30 hours of classroom instruction?

Teach your teen to drive by the experts - Colorado police officers! The 30 hours of classroom training, required by the State of Colorado, is taught by TopCops Driving School - Operator #9630. Your teen will learn the rules of the road exclusively from POST Academy Certified driving instructors, School Resource Officers, and police officers who have received honors as the best traffic investigators. Approved by the State Department of Motor Vehicles, the completely interactive curriculum will focus on the rules and regulations of driving through interesting lectures with group discussions, games, and small group activities. In addition to covering all of the state-mandated requirements and preparing students for the driving permit test, this class goes above and beyond. Students will learn about basic car maintenance, how to change a tire, what to expect and how to react on a traffic stop, and there is even a short orientation for parents on how to be a "home driving instructor" for your teen. Don't cut corners now just to pay later. Prepare them for a lifetime of safe driving with TopCops Driving School instructors who have the 'real-life" Advantage!

What is the course outline for the 30 hours of course work?

Session 1:  Parent Orientation, You are the driver, Signals & Roadways Markings, Basic Car Control, Making Safe Driving Decisions.

Session 2:  Managing Risk & SIPDE, Effects of Drive Conditions, Alcohol/Drugs & Driving, Managing Distractions.

Session 3:  Natural Laws and Car Control, Intersections, Sharing the Road, Adverse Driving Conditions, Roadway Emergencies.

Session 4:  Driving in City Traffic, Driving in Rural Areas, Highway Driving, Maintaining a Vehicle, Final Written Exam.

Is my teen required to take 6 hours Behind the Wheel Training to get their license?

YES, if they want to get their license at age 16. Otherwise, they MUST wait till they are 16 1/2 years old to get their restricted drivers license and they can not have ANY passengers in the car until they are 17 years of age.

When my teen finishes the classroom portion, when should they start their Behind the Wheel training?

TopCops Driving School is designed so that the curriculum taught in the classroom will prepare the student for the instruction behind the wheel. Getting started right away allows your teen to use all of the classroom information on the road with the officers who are our driving instructors. We recommend that you sign up for your BTW soon after your student has received their permit so that one of our police instructors can teach your teen the best habits from the very start. TopCops would like to see these drives completed within the first 3-6 months they have their permit. The State of Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles recommends that you have your BTW completed within the first six months of completing the classroom portion, so that the training remains consistent and flows from one segment to the next.

I have purchased a Behind the Wheel training package with TopCops, how do I get my teen's drive times scheduled?

Just use your username and password to access your account, click the hyperlink for BTW schedule, put your curser on any day of the week that appears in green.  When you find a date and time that works for you, click the"Register" tab, then confirm.  Obviously, during the school year, most of our drive times will be after school times and on the weekends when there is no school, but we will also be scheduling drive instruction on all days that BVSD is out of school such as teacher work days, holiday breaks and of course, all summer long… Your teen's drive training behind the wheel will usually begin at one the following BVSD high Schools: Fairview, Boulder, Monarch, Centaurus, and Broomfield. If you are coming from a location outside of Boulder, we can meet your teen at one of the above listed High Schools.

What can my teen expect to learn when they take the Behind the Wheel training?

All behind the wheel training is conducted in an unmarked police car with an off-duty Police Officer instructor.  The cars are equipped with a secondary brake and mirrors so that our instructor can take control of the vehicle if necessary. When your teen signs up for behind the wheel training (BTW) with TopCops, they will not only get trained on how to drive, they also will be given insights about how to handle emergency situations, road hazards, traffic stops and many other "real life" situations that they just can't get with any other instructor. The time that your teen spends with a TopCops instructor is not just about the training, it is also about building safe and trusting relationships between cops and teens that are positive experiences.

What is the cancellation policy for the Behind the Wheel Training?

Cancellation Fees.  A  late cancellation fee of $90 will be charged for any cancellation of Behind the Wheel lessons with less than 48 hours notice.  NO SHOW fee:  A fee of $90.00 will be charged for Behind the Wheel lessons when the student does not show up. Our police officers have regular schedules that they need to adhere to, so it is really difficult for us to make last minute changes. This fee will be collected prior to the next lesson being scheduled.  We will charge the fee for the following reasons:

  • If you fail to show for your scheduled lesson or class without calling to cancel at least 48 hours in advance.
  • Forget to bring your contract, permit or your insurance to your drive lesson.
  • Show up more than 15 minutes late for your Behind the Wheel lesson.
  • If your permit lists glasses, you must have them to drive. 

What is your Weather Policy?

We live in a beautiful state with ever changing weather. We understand that students will need practice in all types of weather and situations. We will drive when the roads are wet, we will not drive when the roads are snow packed or icy. We obtain real time information from CDOT about road conditions and local weather forecasts to predict when we should or should not drive. If we deem it unsafe for your student and our instructor to be out on the road we will cancel the drive and let you know by email or phone as soon as possible and work with you to reschedule that drive time. 

How can I let other drivers know that my teen is training in MY vehicle?

TopCops has created a magnetic "Student Driver" label that you can affix to the back of your vehicle so that you can notify drivers behind you that your student driver is in training. These magnetic labels simply stick to any metal area on the rear of your car. Take them out and use them when your kid is driving with you in training, then store them in the trunk when you are finished… where it is ready to go for next time. They are re-usable (since they are magnetic) and they can give you and your new driver an added layer of protection. You can get your "Student Driver" label from the TopCops staff for $20.00

Why should I take the Drivers Test with TopCops and not at the DMV?

DMV is no longer providing Drive Tests at this time.  TopCops instructors are giving the Drive Test. This will create a calm atmosphere for your student where they will feel safe and at ease.  Teens are able to concentrate on their skills and take the test with confidence.  Drivers tests will be conducted in your own vehicle, and are based out of Broomfield High School. Once you purchase your test appointment, we will reserve a time slot with you. If we have 72 hours notice, we can reschedule your drive test to another day but because of the volume of tests we do we cannot refund your fee for cancellation or for a failed test.

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