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Take your Drive Test with TopCops

TOPCOPS is conducting DRIVE TESTS to the public  We have openings.  Schedule NOW!  Drive Test $90.00.  We do take VENMO - @topcops (Dr. Melinda Groom) please include name with payment.  Drive Tests are Non-Refundable!


 Top Cops is licensed to test your teen OR ANYONE IN THE PUBLIC for their state driver's test.  Our instructors are police officers with your safety in mind at all times.  Our officers will test on the skills required to be a successful licensed driver per state guidelines.

If your teen has fulfilled the state required classroom and behind the wheel hours, has held their permit for one year, and are ready to try for their license, schedule your test with our user friendly online scheduling system or you can e-mail our main office for assistance.

Please DOUBLE CHECK the issue date on the instructional permit.  It MUST be 12 months from the issue date (unless the student is 18 years of age or older) to take the driver test.  Any appointment prior to this date will be cancelled and the appointment re-scheduled for a fee of $50.00. A Drive Test Confirmation email will be sent at time of booking with location for scheduled test. Please note there are two locations.

Drive Test: BRHS Location 

This Drive Test is out of Broomfield High School (1 Eagle Way, Broomfield) at the main entrance on the corner of Daphne and Eagle Way.  If you can see the football field from the parking lot you are in the wrong parking lot.  Go a little bit further West on Eagle Way to the Main entrance parking lot. You should see the small white bus in the parking lot. 

Drive Test: LMS Location

This Drive Test is near Louisville Middle School located at 1341 Main Street in Louisville, 80027. You will meet the Officer at Pirate Park on E. Lafayette St. You will see the shelter and a playground. You should park on E. Lafayette, not on school grounds. 

The test will take about 20 min. The driver will need the following items for the drive test (without these items we will have to cancel the drive test and charge a $50 reschedule fee):

1.     Permit 

2.     Your Vehicle (please have it SANITIZED and free of debris)

3.     Vehicles current Registration

4.     Vehicles current proof of insurance

5.     Primary Email (will receive an email verification from DMV for pass test)

The test takes about 20 min.  Sergeant Cabot, Officer Bellinger, Officer Murray, Officer Sheetz or Officer Stoner will be one of the testers. If our Officer is not there when you arrive, they are out on another driver test.  They will be back shortly. Thank you for choosing TopCops! 

* If you have a license restriction, such as glasses or interlock, you must bring your interlock vehicle or wear glasses for the test or we will not be able to perform the test.

 Always check the Colorado.gov website for updated and current requirements for what to bring to the DMV.




Items to take to the DMV to get your Driver License: Please check the DMV website for current and up to date information. The BTW hour drives and Drive Test are entered into DMV database on day of completion. This will generate a Third Party Transaction email directly from DMV to the email address provided at time of completion.

1. Transaction Completion Statement BOST for Drive Test - OPTIONAL!!!

2. Transaction Completion Statement for Behind the Wheel Instruction (6 hours required until 16 and 6 months of age) - OPTIONAL!!!

3.  Permit 

4.  Know last 4 digits of applicants Social Security # 

5.  2 Proof of Residency (2 Forms, Non-Electronic)

6.  Proof of Insurance & Vehicle Registration

7.  Drive Log (50 hours logged and signed) You can download additional forms under our resources tab. Must be the physical form, cannot be on a device.

8.  Cash or Check to pay the fee.


Colorado State Drivers License Testing


If you previously purchased a 6 hour BTW drive package from TopCops, we have created an on-line account for you with our new scheduling system.  Please follow the instruciton below to access your account:

1. please log in  www.topcopsdrivingschool.com 

2.  In the upper right hand corner log into your account.

3.  Username:  Input your username.

Password:  Input your password. 

Please remember to accept the email and text reminders!  This will send reminders directly to your phone and email accounts. 

If you have any questions, please contact us at:  topcopsds@gmail.com or 720.261.8591.

Thank you for choosing TopCops Driving School.