Driver Education in Boulder County

Every classroom instructor at TopCops Driving School is an off duty or retired Police Officer.  

We've seen too many accidents involving young drivers, and we’re committed to teaching your teen how to drive safely and the importance of doing so. Our driver education program for teens covers all the rules and regulations of driving and prepares students for the permit test through interactive lectures, discussions, games, and activities. In addition, your teen will learn how to drive through a tire blowout, how to change a tire, what to do when pulled over, and more!

Before the session starts, there will be a short parent orientation with information on how to be a home driving instructor for your teen.

We offer all of the driver education courses, driving lessons, and testing the state of Colorado requires for your teen to get their driver's license. These include:

  • 30-Hour Driver Education Course: Options include either in-person instruction, virtual instruction through Zoom, or online modules for self-paced learning
  • Written Permit Test (IEP and 504 accommodations are available)
  • 6-Hour Behind-The-Wheel Driving Lessons
  • Colorado Driver's License Test

In addition to these services, TopCops Driving School also offers a Defensive Driving Course for newly licensed drivers looking for a more advanced driver training experience and Adult and Senior Safety Evaluations for determining whether an adult or senior driver is capable of driving safely at this time.

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What to Expect at TopCops Driving School

  • 100% police officer led classroom instruction
  • Hands-on learning experiences with radar guns, impaired driving simulation, and steering techniques
  • Behind-the-wheel (BTW) driving lessons and drive test services
  • BTW driving lessons are conducted in our state-approved cars with an off-duty or retired police officer, a first responder or a police-trained and state certified drive instructor
  • Master skills beyond basic car control with hazard management, driving in dangerous weather conditions, and difficult decision making
  • Convenient time slots to fit you and your teen’s busy schedule
  • Online scheduling for driving lessons