Adult Driving Lessons

Offering One-On-One Behind-The-Wheel Driving Lessons, the Defensive Driving Course, and Safety Evaluation for Permitted and Licensed Adult Drivers 

Choose from our list of driving lesson packages and individual service options for adults (Ages 19 and Up). Please review the information carefully to ensure you've met the requirements before registering and are signing up for the correct package or service. If you have any questions, please call our office during business hours at (720) 261-8591. 

Please Note: 

  • Our Behind-The-Wheel (BTW) Driving Lessons are for permitted adult drivers and are performed in one of our TopCops state-approved vehicles. 
  • The Defensive Driving Course is for licensed drivers and is performed in your own vehicle.
  • Schedules are released on the 30th of the current month for one month ahead. 
  • Packages cannot be pro-rated to the bundled price at a later date.