Colorado Drivers License Testing

Take the Colorado Driving Test with TopCops - State DMV No Longer provides Drivers Tests. 

The Colorado Driver's License Test will be on the skills required to be a safe and successful licensed driver per Colorado guidelines. A confirmation email will be sent at the time of booking with the location for the scheduled Driving Test. This test is for a regular non commercial vehicle license. 

Please be sure to review the information below on Driving Test Requirements, What to Bring to the Driving Test, and Driving Test Locations. If you have any questions, please call our office during our normal business hours at (720) 261-8591. 

*Please Note: 

  • If you have an out of state permit or license you must contact the Colorado State DMV to understand what steps you must take before you are eligible to take a third party drive test. Third party testing facilities must have a Colorado State application code to be able to test or enter you into the Colorado DMV for any tests. 
  • If you have taken a drivers test and failed you cannot take another drivers test on the same date. ONLY 1 DRIVE TEST PER DAY is allowed by the State DMV.
  • If you have and expired license you must take a written permit test first at the DMV to be eligible to take a drivers test.
  • Out of country permits or international license holders will be required to take and pass the written test at the DMV, meet Driver License identification requirements, and be issued a Colorado permit before they may take behind the wheel instruction or take a drive test.
  • You are responsible for ensuring you've met the state's requirements before scheduling the Driving Test with TopCops. Please be sure you've taken the proper steps before scheduling, as we do charge a $60 rescheduling fee if you need to reschedule and drive test fees are non-refundable if you need to cancel. Drive Test Completions are valid for 180 days from the date of completion, so you will want to visit the DMV online or in person before then to upgrade your permit to a Colorado Driver's License. 
  • 6-Hour Behind-The-Wheel + Driving Test + Defensive Drive

    Package Includes Two 3-Hour Driving Lessons plus the Driving Test plus the Defensive Driving Course  

    • 6-Hour private Behind-The-Wheel Driving Lessons (two 3-hour lessons)
    • Driving Test (with TopCops)
    • 2-Hour Defensive Drive Course (license and vehicle required)
    • Zelle payments accepted NO fees:
  • 6-Hour Behind-The-Wheel Driving Lessons + Driving Test

    Package Includes Two 3-Hour Driving Lessons and the Driving Test

    • 6-Hour private Behind-The-Wheel Driving Lessons (two 3-hour lessons)
    • Driving Test (with TopCops)
    • Zelle payments accepted NO fees:
    Click Here to View 6-Hour BTW Driving Lessons + Driving Test Information »
  • 3-Hour Driving Lesson + Driving Test

    Package includes One 3-Hour Driving Lesson and the Driving Test 

    • 3-Hour private Behind-The-Wheel Driving Lesson (single 3-hour lesson)
    • Driving Test (with TopCops)
    • Zelle payments accepted NO fees:
    Click Here to View 3-Hour BTW Driving Lesson + Driving Test Information »
  • Driving Test

    Includes the Driving Test Only (Drive Tests are Non-Refundable)

    The driving test takes about 20 minutes. If one of our Police Officer Driving Instructors is not there when you arrive, they are out on another driving test and will be back shortly. The test will be on the skills required to be a successful and safe licensed driver per State guidelines. The Driving Test can be taken at either our Broomfield or Louisville location.

    Driving Test Requirements

    • Completed the required 6 Hours of BTW instructional drives  (ages 15-16.5 years)
    • Held the instructional permit for at least one full year from date of issue  (unless 18 years of age or older at time of test)
    • IF you have an out of state permit/license you must first apply, register and obtain a code from the Colorado DMV website  (cannot test without code)

    Please bring the following items to the Driving Test. Without these items, we will have to cancel the driving test and charge a $60 rescheduling fee. 

    • Permit 
    • Your vehicle (sanitized and free of debris)
    • Current registration for your vehicle
    • Proof of insurance for your vehicle
    • Primary email (verification from DMV will be sent to email provided at time of test)
    • If you have a license restriction, such as glasses or interlock, you must bring your interlock vehicle or wear glasses for the test

    *Please Note: If your student needs to re-take their drivers test you will need to purchase a re-test ($65) by calling the office. You can only take one drive test per day. Drive test fees are non-refundable.

    • Zelle payments accepted NO fees: